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About us

GREETINGS everyone

Have you ever crossed paths with someone and wondered about the stories they have to tell?
We do. Every day. And we help them tell their stories, through excellently crafted corporate videos Singapore and event videos Singapore that speak volumes for your brand and your life. These stories have the potential to change lives, shape futures and help us grow.
Let us tell your story.

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Corporate videos Singapore are an important marketing tool for many companies in Singapore. Having a visual tool that can summarise your company’s mission in 2-4 minutes will come in very handy during sales pitches, investor meetings, seminars. The corporate video Singapore generally contains interviews with the directors, dynamic visuals of the company at work and happy customers. A good and suitable voice over artist and graphic elements are usually also necessary to add content and impact.




Event video
We are also experts of event videography in Singapore. Event highlights are a montage of your best moments. We create event video to capture the moment and to give your clients or employees a snapshot of the special occasion. Contact us to create your event video in Singapore at affordable rates.




event videos
Engaging with viewers on facebook and youtube is tricky business. But ultimately it is about content. Filming techniques, fancy graphics are all secondary. Content is king and the key is to produce lots of it. A fancy video of a chef cooking in his kitchen is unlikely to get as much traction as 3 short videos with him teaching the viewer how to cook some of his famous dishes.



event videography Singapore
Have a special video request, drop us an email at info@sonderstudios.sg




We create packages especially to match each expectation and respond to your needs.


New to corporate videography? This package is ideal for startups, small businesses and new ventures, we give you all the essentials you’ll need to introduce yourself.

Full Corporate Video

You’re an industry leader; a benchmark, a trendsetter, a mover and a shaker. We create content that will explain why.

Customised Package

You can also get a customised corporate video in Singapore with us. We’re good listeners. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll tailor a content package that suits your needs.


Video Production Tips for Beginners

Video Production Tips for Beginners

Video production nowadays is not just for television purposes only. It is popularly used now to every occasions including wedding, prenups, debuts, and other celebrations you want to keep forever. As long as you have a good video camera, you can practice video production and monetize from it eventually.

The important thing about video production is the quality of the video being created. It can really tell about the quality of service you have. It’s not about how powerful or expensive your camera and tools are, it’s how you do the service.

So if you are worried about how your videos will look like if you are starting out to create one, below are some tips that can help you produce videos in good quality.

Light – This is an important factor in photography as well as in video production. Natural light or sunlight create intense shadow, hence it’s not ideal to create videos except if it’s early morning sunlight or late evening, in photography referred to as “Golden Hour”. If some circumstanflatteringces that you can only rely on intense or low light, you can buy reflectors to help bounce light and enhance the shots. So if you’re a beginner and you don’t have lighting equipment yet, then make use of the natural light which you can tweak using even a cheap reflector.

Tripod – One of the basic camera equipment you should have if you decide to be serious about video production. It’s not ideal even for a beginner to get cheap tripod, although it’s one of the cheapest photography and videography equipment you could ever buy. The support and comfort matter in video production so you need to buy a good tripod. When you purchase a tripod, choose legs that will support twice the maximum weight of your camera. Also get a fluid head that will allow you to pan and tilt smoothly.

Camera Angles – Basically, there are three camera angles used in video production: eye level, low, and high angle. Eye level is the most used especially in corporate video production. It’s the most neutral and considered most flattering angle than low and high angle. It can add drama to your shots. It’s an angle mostly seen on news. Low angle, shoots an angle lower than the subject. Its purpose is to make the subject larger, dominant, and aggressive. It’s widely used in the film industry to manipulate how the viewers see the subject. On the other hand, a high angle is having the camera significantly higher than the subject. This help illicit effects that is very useful to the film industry. With this in mind, you will know exactly the angle that suits a particular client or scenario.

Make a story – In creating a video, of course there’s already a story from which you can create your own story. It’s like you have your own version of it and you are the director. This way you will look at ways to connect with the audience to make them remember the video they will witness. We all have different approach but be sure you stick to the original story, you will just have it on your own take.

Video production is a technical job. It has a lot of requirements not just equipment and skills, but also the passion to creating one that will entertain and capture the heart of the viewers. To help your video production company succeed, you should have your own ideas to create stories and always produce a quality product.

Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos Made Easy

With the widespread use of facebook, instagram and youtube, there has never been a better time to use Social Media Videos in your business. At Easy Video Singapore, we believe in keeping it simple. Some bigger Singaporean companies frequently pump in a lot of money into their video production but not everyone has to go down that route. There can be highly effective marketing videos down on a shoestring budget.

This is more so for social media videos. Most companies are much better off producing 10 x $2500 budget videos, then spending $25,000 on 1 video. Putting out shorter 1 minute clips on a frequent basis will keep your audience entertained and your social media page active and populated with content. By churning out a high volume of videos, you can also gather statistics from your audience and understand what kinds of videos do better, and subsequently you can do more of them.

A few examples of great marketing videos include:

Informative or “How to” Tutorial Videos

These are a great way to soft sell your service. People love video with content, especially with content that they can actually benefit from. As I write this article, we are approaching Chinese New Year there are tons of great videos by Feng Shui Masters about the zodiac predictions this year. Towards the end of these videos, they then subtly promote their products and services to improve your luck for the year. These are great for sharing and help promote your products in a less aggressive way.

Top 10 Lists

Singaporeans generally like to be recommended what to buy or what to use and lists are very popular on line. If you are running a gym, an article like “Top 10 ways to lose belly fat” or if you sell cosmetics, “Top 5 looks this season” will be a great way to engage with your audience, build rapport and if you wish, also soft sell your services.

Customer Testimonials

Showing the world that you have happy customers are always a good idea. Get genuine customers to set forward and give a honest testimonial about their experience with your company. It is more powerful a marketing tool than paying a celebrity tons of money to talk about a service/product that they have never used.

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