You might be wondering why having a corporate video that promotes your brand seems to be the recommendation of most 21st   Century marketers. Here is the reason: according to Vyond, 60% of website visitors prefer to watch a video about a company to reading information about the company, no matter how well written the content may be. The fact that video attracts a stunning three times more clicks compared to text backs this report up.

Hear this: video marketing has become a crucial part of every company’s marketing strategy.

And that’s why your company should invest in corporate videos too. The thing is, video experiences easily motivate people to act and influence them in ways that no other communication medium can. You know the reason why top platforms are using corporate video to deliver corporate messages; be it advertising, community engagement or corporate events? They want conversion and engagement that can never be achieved through any other medium.

When it comes to creating engaging event videos for your video marketing mission, we have got you covered here at Sounder Studios. We produce corporate videos that inspire actions and drive results for brands and businesses. We create video content that captivates audiences and gives them the confidence to patronize your business, no matter what you sell. Our mission is to use our skills to make corporate videos that tell your brand’s story in the most effective and engaging way possible.

We Know What Your Brand Needs to Succeed

Sonder Studios isn’t just a video production agency, not at all. Here, we believe in understanding the goals and objectives of each brand that partners with us and then form a collaborative relationship that allows us to get your message across to your target audiences in the most engaging way. Our time-tested process for creating effective corporate videos helps us produce videos that speak to your audience and resonate with your viewers. At Sounder Studios, we blend effective strategy and top-notch corporate video production to help corporate organizations reach their goals.


Perhaps the fundamental truth in marketing; every successful marketing campaign depends on effective strategy. And that’s why we don’t skimp on research when planning video content for our partners. Our professionals at Sonder Studios take time and effort to make sure we figure out what your audiences want to hear and how exactly we can help you get your message across to them.

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Our creatives and production team can deliver top-quality video content that covers your brand’s unique selling point and subtly hype it to inspire your audiences to take action. From short explainer animations, to high-end corporate videos, and to branded content & social video advertising, our team of creatives is a capable production partner. Let Corporate Videos Increase Your Conversion Rate.

Here is a piece of valuable information you’ll hardly come across. 80% of online shoppers believe demonstration videos are helpful when making purchase decisions. Today’s smart and savvier consumers are looking tailored videos that answer their specific questions. So you can’t be wrong if you spend a considerable amount of money on video content. Do you want the best chance of success? We can devise a powerful plan to reach and inspire your audience through engaging corporate videos that guarantees conversion of lead to customers. Let’s achieve more together with video content.