With the widespread use of facebook, instagram and youtube, there has never been a better time to use Social Media Videos in your business. At Easy Video Singapore, we believe in keeping it simple. Some bigger Singaporean companies frequently pump in a lot of money into their video production but not everyone has to go down that route. There can be highly effective marketing videos down on a shoestring budget.

This is more so for social media videos. Most companies are much better off producing 10 x $2500 budget videos, then spending $25,000 on 1 video. Putting out shorter 1 minute clips on a frequent basis will keep your audience entertained and your social media page active and populated with content. By churning out a high volume of videos, you can also gather statistics from your audience and understand what kinds of videos do better, and subsequently you can do more of them.

A few examples of great marketing videos include:

Informative or “How to” Tutorial Videos

These are a great way to soft sell your service. People love video with content, especially with content that they can actually benefit from. As I write this article, we are approaching Chinese New Year there are tons of great videos by Feng Shui Masters about the zodiac predictions this year. Towards the end of these videos, they then subtly promote their products and services to improve your luck for the year. These are great for sharing and help promote your products in a less aggressive way.

Top 10 Lists

Singaporeans generally like to be recommended what to buy or what to use and lists are very popular on line. If you are running a gym, an article like “Top 10 ways to lose belly fat” or if you sell cosmetics, “Top 5 looks this season” will be a great way to engage with your audience, build rapport and if you wish, also soft sell your services.

Customer Testimonials

Showing the world that you have happy customers are always a good idea. Get genuine customers to set forward and give a honest testimonial about their experience with your company. It is more powerful a marketing tool than paying a celebrity tons of money to talk about a service/product that they have never used.

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